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Operations Supervisor The Operations Supervisor performs complex professional and administrative work in planning, directing, control and evaluation of the offices, operations and programs of the facility. Responsible for the supervision of the Operations Department and also general staff duties They will supervise day-to-day operations and administrative activities by providing liaison between client and company, handle problem solving between departments and resolve employee grievances, and coordinate the scheduling for both operators and supervisors in the operations department. Additionally, they will interact with the union representing the employees with the goal of positive interaction. Requires a minimum of 3 years experience.
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Dispatcher Dispatcher will rotate in the duties of supervising and directing the operators, either through radio contact or physical checks and will provide assistance in the field. This position is responsible for all dispatch office functions, including providing customer service on the telephone, in person and in the field. Dispatchers are required to provide impeccable customer service to our clients and passengers. These individuals schedule and dispatch operators and drivers, to service vehicles that carry passengers. Dispatchers keep records, logs, and schedules of the calls that they receive, they monitor and control the actions that they take. They maintain information on each call and then prepare a detailed report on all activities occurring during their shifts.
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